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08 January 2015 @ 01:01 am
[sticky post] WELCOME!  
CREDITS: Background Labs (background) / warriorkitana (editing & banner)


Most POSTS (besides greetings/announcements & fanworks links) will be MEMBERS ONLY! If you want to see or read what's here, please JOIN! You can comment on this post if you'd like but it's not required. ^_^

Do not claim or steal any works posted here.

If you want use the graphics, please credit [info]rfx_fanworks or the person who made them if you'd like to be specific.

If you want to use a fanvideo, you MUST ask [info]agentduckiechan for approval. The rules from graphics apply here for crediting.

If you have a forum / website / blog / LJ community and want to become an affiliate, please ask [info]warriorkitana. Not all affiliation requests may be approved.

Comments are GREATLY appreciated! ^_^

For any other inquiries, you can message any of us here on Livejournal or e-mail RFXfanworks@gmail.com.

Fanfics: [info]warriorkitana & [info]jrock_miso
Fanvideos: [info]agentduckiechan
Graphics (icons & banners): [info]warriorkitana

** Please request at this post! --> REQUESTS <-- It helps use track what people want done! :D

** For graphics, please make sure you provide the image and tell us where you got it. Crediting is VERY IMPORTANT to us as we know the difficulties of scanning images, etc.

** We have the right to refuse them. As an advanced apology, due to our busy schedules, we may not have all requests done right away. *bows* GOMEN!